Wednesday’s Flowers – Zygocactus

November 23, 2011

With the holidays only 5 weeks away I think it is time we slowly start thinking about adding a bit of festive decorating to our homes. So this week we will kick off our holiday indoor floral arrangements, starting with Zygocactus (aka Christmas cactus).

Zygocactus tends to be available in masses during the big holidays – Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The rest of the year it is forgotten gem as it is not in bloom. These make great houseplants and are very easy to grow. All they need is a home in a bright room, a little water now and then and the occasional fertilization.

The Zygocactus I purchased for this week’s flower past came from the Real Canadian Superstore for $2.99 for 4.5″ pot. Of course it was in a silly green plastic pot cover and needing a bit of holiday styling.

Here are the elements I used to spruce this little guy up:

  • Pedestal Milk Glass Vase
  • Assortment of fresh greens – just little bits and pieces will do.
  • Spanish Moss
  • A bit of potting soil

The Simple Steps:

  1. Remove & throw away the silly green pot cover. Please recycle if your City allows this!
  2. Transplant Zygocactus from grower’s pot into the new container.
  3. Top up with potting soil if necessary.
  4. Cut fresh greens into short pieces,  approximate length of 2 to 5″
  5. Insert fresh greens into the soil around the plant.
  6. Add Spanish moss around the rim of the container and your little Zygocactus is holiday ready!

Have you started your holiday decorating yet? This was my first step to getting our indoors ready for the holidays!