Wednesday’s Flowers – Vintage Lady Head Vases

July 21, 2010

This past weekend we headed to the beach to stay with my parents and visit with family.  It was a very pleasant weekend full of sunsets, ice cream, sunshine, family gatherings, yummy food and walks on the beach.  I did manage to squeeze some flowers into the mixture as well!

My mom has a very green thumb and grows very beautiful gardens.  She also has a great collection of vintage lady head vases, which were calling to me to pretty them up for the dinner table.  So, while most of my family was napping off a big brunch we had just had with our extended family, I quietly peaked into my mom’s china cabinet and pulled out my favourite two head vases.  Then, I headed out to the garden to snip away at mom’s flowers.

One great thing about mom’s garden is the abundance of blooms.  She has done a great job planting flowers that bloom at different times of the season, so there is always lots of colour, unlike my monotone garden of green.  She also plants a very large number of urns and planters full of annual flowers and the colour right now is exquisite.  I enjoyed my walk around the garden snipping away at various flowers.  I used several different annuals, some Spirea flowers and my favourite purple perennial Sage to create the arrangements for the head vases.

Maybe it is the girlishness of head vases or their vintage flair, but I really do love them.  My mom has several but the two I used for this week’s flowers are my favourite.  I just adore the fine details, the facial expressions and how well a pretty flower arrangement becomes a beautiful accessory for their lovely faces.  Also, check out the backs, the details are perfect.

I prefer to make the arrangements for the vases slightly different, I tend to keep the main accent flowers the same but change how they are grouped.  I also try to add different filler flowers to the arrangements to give each one some uniqueness.  Creating arrangements in this fashion gives the pieces a complimenting look when on display together, instead of being matching.

I think it is time to start my own collection of these vases, as I do not think mom will be parting with her vases anytime soon.  We are both lucky that she lets me use them.  She was pleasantly surprise when she awoke from her nap and discovered the two arrangements on the kitchen table!

Now I just have to find time to visit the local antique shops and flea markets to begin my collection.  If you are ever out and about and you see a vintage lady head vase please pick one up, you won’t regret adding one of these little beauties to your collection.   Or send it off to me; I will give it a loving home.  Just kidding!!!