Wednesday’s Flowers – Treasures from a Well Established Garden

June 15, 2011

As summer draws nearer my time to frolic and pick flowers from our current garden is coming closer to an end.  An end that I’m not looking forward to especially after creating today’s gorgeous arrangement.

The garden here is well established and quite profuse and I wish I could move it to our soon to be new home but I can only take a few of the important plants, such as the peonies. The new house does not have much of a garden to speak of, so I will get the pleasure of designing and digging and planting it just the way I like but it will take time to go grow.  I will have to wait patiently for it to do its thing before I can reap the blooming benefits.

This week I snipped the following out of the garden to use in today’s floral arrangement:

  • Clematis ‘Ville de Lyon
  • Goat’s Beard – Aruncus dioicus
  • Weigela ‘Red Prince
  • Blue Indigo – Baptisia australis
  • Lady’s Mantel foliage – Alchemilla mollis
  • Allium moly

Below is the step by step breakdown of how to create this arrangement on your own.  I encourage you to use whatever is blooming in your garden and have fun while designing with the flowers.

Place floral foam in a decorative container that is water tight.  Make sure the foam is fully saturated with water before inserting stems.  Cut stems to get the desired height and insert into the foam.  I recommend starting with some foliage to create a base, then add a few flowers to mark centre of arrangement.

Add the taller flowers; Blue Indigo was used here, to give the arrangement height. Keep bold, large flowers like the deep pink clematis low in the arrangement to draw the eye into it.

Use longer pieces of foliage and long stems of flowers to create the width of the arrangement.  When the structure is in place add the filler flowers, I used Goat’s Beard as the filler.

Create a bold and dramatic focal point with a flower that is bright and contrasting to the rest of the elements in the arrangement, I used the Allium moly to achieve this.  Make sure to place this bold element deeper into the piece to add depth. This technique creates a strong affect that draws attention to the piece.  Finish filling in the arrangement with elements that bring balance and unity to the design.

Be sure to pay attention to the details, make use of the slight, natural curve a stem my have.  Or if there is a closed bud place it similarly to how it would grow on the plant.  Be sure to have fun, you may have to try placing elements more than once.

While I still have the time I’m planning on spending as much time as possible enjoying the current garden.  You can find me out there snipping blooms while I gently remove my prized beauties from their soil to plant at our new home.

What’s blooming in your garden right now?  Be sure to enjoy it before it is gone!