Wednesday’s Flowers – The Fragrance of Narcissus

April 20, 2011

Our house is just swarming with fragrance from the most beautiful Narcissus flowers.  It really is amazing how intense the scent from such a small bloom produces, it is like spring everywhere in our world and all that was required was a pot of ‘Bridal Crown’ Narcissus.

See, gorgeous and they smell so divine, trust me!  They also grow very tall, taller than the average Narcissus, so I needed to create a stunning yet supportive way to show off these beauties.  I searched around the garage and found some bamboo sticks which I used to create a decorative support cage. Copper wire was used to tie the cage together.

Of course I purchased the bulbs in a green grower’s pot so a little re-potting was required.  Once the bulbs were gently transferred into a white glass container, I added the cage.  Then a picket fence of bamboo around the outer edge of the container to finish off the structure.  To complete the look I topped it with moss.

I purchased the ‘Bridal Crown’ Narcissus at my favourite Garden Centre in Cambridge, Gardenland; along with some Pansies and potted Hyacinths to plant in urns outside.  Two days after I planted them it snowed and has been cold since so they are keeping warm in the garage until spring returns.

If you are in need of a little reminder of what spring is I suggest a trip to Gardenland.  They are packed full of colour and their selection of quality garden plants is amazing.  I should spend hours walking through the Garden Centre.

Oh, the narcissus, by the way, was for $7.99 per pot, a fabulous buy for under $10!  If you happen upon a pot of these while out buy them!  You will be pleasantly surprised!