Wednesday’s Flowers – Teacup Flowers

November 9, 2011

You know those days were you just do not have it in you to be creative? Well today was one of those days for me. I did manage to produce a flower arrangement but it was not a fun experience.

It all started with several trips to several different grocery stores looking for flowers. I was really hoping for something simple and pretty that was not screaming Christmas, there is a lot of Christmas out there already! But I kept coming up short, several times. Eventually I found a mixed bouquet for $9.99, teacups popped into my head and I was off to the cash register.

Maybe teacups were not the best idea for my frame of mind, because the first one did not work out, so you will not be seeing it. The second one was picture worthy.

Seeing that my creativity was in need of a boost of inspiration I grabbed my copy of theDomino: Book of Decorating and spent a few minutes flipping though the pages soaking in the gorgeous. It was just the little jump kick I needed to keep my day on track and my creativity alive. If you are not familiar with the Domino book, it is a book that was put together by Domino Magazine, which sadly is no longer around. The book is filled with inspiring interiors and lots of great tips from the top trendsetters from 2009. I think it is a must have in all design lovers library.

Do you have a favourite book or magazine that helps to jump start your creativity when it is in a rut? Please share them in the comments! I have several that I’m sure I will share with you here in the future.