Wednesday’s Flowers – Sweethearts

March 10, 2010

Pretty and girly was what I was going for this week and the soft pink sweetheart roses I found at the grocery store were going to deliver it perfectly, or so I thought.  I purchased a 10 stem bunch for $7.99 and before I settled on the bunch I brought home I checked all the flower heads to make sure they were firm.  It is not recommended you buy roses unless the heads are firm, if the flower heads are soft the flowers are already spent and you will not get to enjoy them.

When I got home I gave all the stems a fresh cut, about 1.5” off the ends, removed all the foliage and put them in a tall vase of fresh water.  I wanted to give the flowers time to open for the upcoming photo shoot so I let them be.  I checked them 24 hours after I purchased them and they were not in a very good state, more than half of them had gone limp and some petals were shrivelling.  Oh no!  I immediately removed the best looking roses from the vase, cut the stems down to 4”, put them in a very short creamer that I use as a vase and hoped for the best.  The other stems I dried, I had no choice as they were no longer able to take up water.  Despite their sorry state I believe the sweethearts held up pretty good for their pictures.

These past two weeks make me I feel like I’m losing my green thumb, first the daffodils and now the roses.  I was going to throw out the roses and start over but that would be cheating, so I stuck with them and I’m glad I did.  Hopefully, next week will be more successful, perhaps some Irish luck.  Time to put my thinking cap on!