Wednesday’s Flowers – Spring Tulips

April 1, 2010

I picked up two bunches of these lovelies at the grocery store for $10.  I was very drawn to their colour, it is not often you see yellow and magenta tulips. 

Our household needed some cheer this week, so I pulled out my new vintage orange pitcher and filled it with the tulips.  The pitcher was a great find on etsy from one of my favourite shops, Trampoline.  Some amazing vintage finds over there!!

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

  • Lori Andrews

    cheery to the enth degree!

  • yummy; gotta check out trampoline as well 🙂 love the collage, the colors, the finish and shape of the pitcher and the bit of ribbon adds just the right touch 🙂

  • Tina, these are scrumptious. makes me wish i had some colorful pitchers. hmmm.

  • The colors of those tulips are LOVELY!! Completely mesmerizing! Lovely photo combination and photos 🙂