Wednesday’s Flowers – Shamrocks

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you who celebrate it!  I’m not Irish but I do enjoy this day, so I decided to have some fun being festive with Wednesday’s Flowers this week.  To make my job easier I just happened to find the prefect flower to celebrate the day, Shamrocks, also know as Oxalis or Wood Sorrel.

I bought 3 small pots of the purple leafed variety for $1.97 each and transplanted them into an old vintage clay pot, added some rocks around the top of the pot to hide some of the soil and voilà.  Now I know an old vintage pot is not very festive, but these little guys would not have handled a second transplanting well so I figured it was best to keep the plants safe and add some festive decoration around them.

My Nana always grew shamrocks, so I figured having a pot of them around the house would be a nice way to remember her – plus I really enjoy this little plant!

I sure hope my green thumb is back!!