wednesday’s flowers – rosemary for a white christmas

December 14, 2011

Currently sitting up here in Canada dreaming of a white Christmas, the weatherman says it is not likely but I’m still hoping Mother Nature pulls through for us and delivers some snow.

Christmas is a time of the year when all of our senses get the fully involved in the season. From pretty twinkling lights, to warm and cosy evenings by the fire, holiday music that warms our hearts, to aromas of fir and pine from the decorating and of course cinnamon and spices from the kitchen!

So for today’s post I want to focus on a favourite must have herb for the holidays that speaks too many of our senses, Rosemary. Why is Rosemary a must for holidays? Well it is the perfect savoy spice for a traditional Christmas dinner, it is fabulous as a garish on shortbread cookies and it looks great dressed up and added to your holiday decor!

Earlier this week I was in need of some holiday inspiration so I headed to the local garden centre, Sheridan Nurseries to see their holiday displays. While browsing I came across their Rosemary section that was filled with ball topiaries, Christmas tree shaped Rosemary as well as little 4″ pots of the fresh herb. I selected one of their 4″ pots of Rosemary for $2.99 to come home with me.

This is so simple to create, here are the steps:

  1. Have all your supplies ready. You will need one 4″ pot of Rosemary, a white decorative container to transplant the Rosemary into, potting soil and some white wool rovings for the snow look. For the decorative container it is best of the container is slightly larger than the current pot size.
  2. Carefully transplant the Rosemary into the white decorative container. Add fresh potting soil around the sides of the container to fill in around the roots of the Rosemary. This is the best time to water the plant, make sure the new potting soil is wet before moving onto the next step.
  3. Tuck small bunches of the wool rovings around the top of the container to create the look of fresh snow.
  4. Place in a sunny spot in your home and enjoy!

Knowing that we may not have a white Christmas this year, I’m creating one for myself indoors with natural botanicals, white planters and vases and a little faux snow!

I think I need to make some Rosemary shortbread cookies this year!

What are your favourite scents, sounds and sights of the holiday season?

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Rosemary shortbread cookies sound divine! Can you share the recipe?
Love the simplicity of your white christmas rosemary arrangement!


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