Wednesday’s Flowers – Red Ranunculus

April 27, 2011

I’m in love with red Ranunculus right now.  Actually I’m in love with Ranunculus but right now there are red ones in the house and I’m enjoying their bold and striking presence.  It could also have something to do with the lack of red in my life right now.  Red flowers generally do not bloom in the spring, except for the occasional tulip.  So after an Easter weekend full of pastel pink, blues, purples and yellows, I’m ready for some serious colour, like red!

Here are some of my thoughts on red and using it in your home.  Red is one of those colours that never really goes out of style, it is classic.  I find a true red a safe colour when it comes to decorating and colour trends.  It is always a welcomed bold punch of colour in a home and if someone loves it they are not likely to tire of it like some of the trendier colours.  It also looks fantastic with all other colours, especially its contrasting colour green.  I personally love it with white and sometimes a bit of black.  I find red is a colour that is hard not to love and if you do you always will love it.

For this week’s flowers I used two potted red Ranunculus, purchased for under $10, and transplanted into a white, rectangular, ceramic container.  To finish off the look, I added cut up bamboo stakes around the perimeter of the container to create a little picket fence and topped it off with Sphagnum moss.  So easy and the finished look is super cute!

What do you think of red?  A good colour?  Would you or do you use it in your house? I sure would!  Right now I’m dreaming of a red backsplash in our soon to be new kitchen, a red rug for the living room and a few more if these gorgeous Ranunculus!