wednesday’s flowers – pink oriental lilies

February 1, 2012

Sometimes you just have to splurge and treat yourself to something nice, right? One flower worth to splurging on is the Oriental Lily! Oriental Lilies are one of the most beautiful lilies out there and their scent is heavenly.

One stem can have up to 5 blooms, so be ready to pay $18 for a stem for some of the more rare varieties. But on average lilies run around $6 to $10 per stem from a flower shop.

I received some lilies today from a supplier to try out so I’m sharing them with you today for Wednesday’s flowers.

For this arrangement I used five stems of pink oriental lilies in a large fluted milk glass vase. To support and position the stems I created a grid with clear tape at the mouth of the vase. Placed the lilies in the arrangement and filled in around the lilies with salal leaves.

When working with any type of lily it is strongly recommended you remove the stamen from the blooms, just pluck them off. As the blooms open and mature the stamen produces pollen and the pollen of lilies is very sticky and it stains. Failing to remove the stamens may lead to you having pollen all over your house, your clothes, your kids and your pets.

Here is what my hands looked like after removing the stamens. Very messy stuff, so be sure to wash up afterwards.

The great thing about Oriental Lilies is they look stunning on their own in a large arrangement that is so easy to create!

So thinking about doing a little splurging this week? Pick up some Oriental Lilies!

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