Wednesday’s Flowers – Peonies from my Garden

June 2, 2010

After much self debate I have come to the conclusion that peonies are truly my favourite flowers.  I do love all flowers but peonies; well I find them exceptionally spectacular.

I love watching the plant grow from the ground in the spring, then seeing the large, bulbous flower buds form and swell.  And finally after weeks of waiting and hoping, seeing the first peep of colour appear from those buds.

This week, the two peonies I have in my garden, one white and one fuchsia pink,  started blooming.  They seemed to have come on into full bloom faster than usual, most likely due to the very warm weather we are experiencing in Ontario.

So, I thought I would share my favourite flower with you today.

I could not resist using the same milk glass vases from last week, as the peonies look amazing in them.  I did a couple of different photo shoots with the two different colours of flowers to show you.

I find the white peonies very pretty but the fuchsia ones really catch my attention, I think that is due to my love of bold colours.

Do you have peonies growing in your garden??  If you do and they are in bloom snip off a few flowers and take them inside to brighten your home!



Lori Andrews

it’s totally my favorite as well. LOVE LOVE Peony. Don’t have any in my garden though. Luckily the neighbors do!


We have 2 huge peonie plants on the side of our house and I love them. They bloom so big and last FOREVER. PS – I totally have those white vases at home 🙂 Great photos lady!


I love peonies. I only wish they lasted longer. They look beautiful in your single vases but I also love them in clumped together in a huge bouquet.


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