Wednesday’s Flowers – Orange and Pink

October 19, 2011

Last week the Living Fresh Flower School had a little photo shoot with the Record, a local paper in Kitchener-Waterloo, for their New Ventures column that we will be highlighted in, so of course I ordered up a bunch of flowers and made a pretty bouquet.  Here is what I ordered:

  • Pink Sedum
  • Orange Pincushion Leucospernum
  • Pink Spray Roses
  • Orange Waxflower  – Chamelaucium
  • Myrtle foliage

Since these flowers did not have a purpose other than looking pretty for the photo shoot I decided to share the flowers so they did not go to waste.

The pretty bouquet from the photo shoot ended up as a prize in our new Friday’s Flower Giveaway.

I created a pretty arrangement with some of the flowers to share with my friend’s at Queen Street Yoga in Kitchener.

Then I used the leftover flowers in a new milk glass vase with a flower frog on top for today’s flower post.  I also filled a small milk glass vase with orange Waxflowers and Myrtle.  I displayed the two arrangements with a very small hobnail vase on our dining room table.

I love that I found a way to share these flowers with others and myself.  To have kept them all would have been a waste.  Instead I was able to have fun creating arrangements and made a few people smile!  Being able to do this really makes me love my job!

I have to give a shout out to my Mom; she found the milk glass vase with the flower frog at a market and purchased it for me, thanks Mom!


  • I love fresh flowers. They can just take any funk out of me and brighten my day….even photos of them are awesome! This looks like you had a lot of fun and they came out great! And great find on the vase and frog too! -kg (byw forum)

  • I love seeing your process. The “flower frog” is really useful, and the bouquets are beautiful.

  • Your floral design skills are amazing. Really gorgeous work here Tina -I love seeing longer “before and after” flower posts like this!

  • Janine Fitzpatrick

    I love the mix of colours with these beautiful flowers. (BYW Forum).

  • Yes, beautiful work, Tina! It’s obvious that you have acquired some serious skills in floral arranging. I love flowers and always love seeing the designs of others. Thanks for sharing!!

    (By the way, I’m here through BYW… so glad I found your blog!)