Wednesday’s Flowers – Orange and Cloves

December 29, 2010

Nothing smells better than the smell of oranges and cloves, right?  And they look so pretty too!

In keeping with last week’s theme, ‘Just Add Fruit’, I found three brightly coloured oranges and pushed whole cloves into the skin in fun and interesting patterns.  The smell was amazing while creating all the pretty patterns and it was so easy to do.

Once the oranges were decked out in patterns, I put them on a floral pick and then placed them in floral foam.  From there, purple Spider Mums and green Pincushion Mums were added to the arrangement around the oranges.  For greenery I used Magnolia leaves and Cedar cuttings.

I strongly suggest you try adding some cloves to your fruit in arrangements.  Not only is it fun to create cute patterns with the cloves, it smells heavenly too.