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December 7, 2011

This year I’m not really in the glamorous, sparkly kind of Christmas mood. Perhaps it is due to the crazy year we have been though? Buying a house, quitting my full time job, moving, renovating and decorating…this list goes on.

Therefore to end this year my soul is asking for a simple, natural and slightly understated Christmas; just a little hint of the holidays here and there, not too much, but definitely not forgotten. This mood has me also loving the thoughts of giving local handmade gifts, small friendly, intimate gatherings with friends and family and homemade food.

When I found I quiet minute to sit and catch up on some favourite blogs I kept coming across the sweetest, little natural evergreen trees that reached right into my heart and pulled on those strings.

(image ~ fry dog design)

(left: image ~ via the style files by hus & hem; right: image ~ winterlungs)

(image ~ via stylizmo by house of svea)

(image ~ via the style files by tinekhome)

After being inspired by so many natural little evergreen trees I was on the hunt for one of my own!

I discovered this little gem of a pine at the Home Depot, of all places, while returning something with my guy. I was drawn to it immediately, picked it up to take it home, thought do I need this right now? No, I do not, not now. Then I put down and walked away. A minute later I was walking around the store with it in my arms and a smile on my face. The great thing about this little tree is it came in a lovely white ceramic planter for $9.99.

A fun little idea for your Christmas plants is to add some wool rovings to the top of the container to hide the soil and to leave the impression of snow, which is what I did my little pine tree.

I still need to figure out what kind of pine this it is as it was not labelled. I know it is and exotic tropical pine as it has very fleshly needles which you do not find growing around here in Canada. I’ll update you as soon as I find out.

For more of my kind of holiday check out my pinboard on Pinterest.

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