Wednesday’s Flowers – “O” is for Orange

March 9, 2011

“O” is for orange and the pretty flower Ornithogalum; which is better know as ‘Star-of-Bethlehem’ due to its star shaped flowers.  On my search for flowers this week I discovered 4″ pots of the colourful Ornithogalum ‘Sunshine’ for $4.99 at the local grocery store.  I was quite surprised to see them there so one came home with me.

This is how it looked when I bought it:

Such a pretty flower but surrounded by a horrible green pot wrapper, can you tell I’m not a fan this try of packaging?  So, I beg you to please throw out the pot wrapper and transplant all potted plants into a nice decorative container.  It really is not hard to do and the results are fabulous.  Once dressed up it will coordinate with your decor and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Here are the items I used to transform this little pot of orange sunshine:

  • a potted flowering plant, I used Ornithogalum ‘Sunshine’.
  • a simple decorative container of your choice.  Choose a container that is the same size as the grower’s pot or just slightly larger.
  • decorative moss (I used Canadian Moss)
  • depending on the size of the container you may need some potting soil.
  • water.

Once you have everything organized, transplanting the flower is easy.

  1. carefully remove the flower from the grower’s pot.
  2. place it in the decorative container, if the pot is the came size as the roots gently press the soil around the edges so the gaps are filled with soil.  If the container is slightly larger add fresh potting soil around the edges.
  3. give the soil a good watering.
  4. then place decorative moss around the top of the container to hide the soil.  And you are done!

See how easy that was!  I do hope you will try it.  I suggest you treat all your potted flowers this way, especially if you are giving one as a gift.  Presentation is everything and it is very inexpensive to make a beautiful arrangement for someone special.


  • Carolyn

    One trouble I have when I have a plant that is potted this way is watering it without getting water every where. Got any tips on how to pot them to make watering less messy?

    • One trick is to keep the soil level 1″ lower than the top of the container. Another is to use saucers that coordinate with the container. I also like to water messy plants in the kitchen sink and wait until they are done dripping to put them back. Hope this helps.

  • Love how you added the moss.
    Where do you get yours? I always seem to be a loss of where I can find it.

    • Shhhh…they are from Sobey’s. 1st time I have seen them there!

  • bummer, I don’t think they are here in the US…guess I’ll keep looking 🙂

  • You can find sphagnum moss at Michaels or Joann in the US. I just got an ornithogalum ‘Sunshine’ as a gift and would really like to know if it is compatible with growing in the landscape in north Florida. We are HOT and HUMID all summer long. From the looks of things, it’s a Mediterranean plant and probably won’t be good for my area. Do you have any other info on this cultivar?

  • I saw Ornithogalum ‘Sunshine’ (larger, and consequently $7.99) at the Atlantic Superstore, the East Coast equivalent of Loblaws. Beautiful, and so very different from the other houseplants on offer around here.
    Here are two useful pages should you want to keep it around for awhile, and even plant it outside (for those of us not in Canada, or the balmiest tip of BC). It’s good in Zones 7-10.
    I’ll be picking one up today or tomorrow. Good luck with yours!