Wednesday’s Flowers – Norfolk Pine

December 2, 2010

Well, the holidays are in full swing here, just finished cleaning up from our first party and I’m exhausted.  Despite the exhaustion, I still wanted to share today’s flowers with you.  In keeping with last week’s theme, white and natural, I created another quick and easy arrangement using a Norfolk Pine.

For this arrangement I spray painted a clay pot white, set the plant in the newly painted clay pot and dressed the top with wool rovings.  The dressed up Norfolk Pine is going to be used in a display on my dining room sideboard with the Frosty Fern from last week.

I picked up the Norfolk Pine at the grocery store for $5.99.

It is really starting to feel a lot like Christmas, especially now that we have snow!!!  I hope to share more of my holiday decorating with you this week, now that it is all done!


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