Wednesday’s Flowers – Mum’s Fall Garden

October 12, 2011

While I’m still digging away at the new gardens at the new house I have to say that I’m thankful for having access to my Mother’s lovely gardens anytime I make the drive to visit her.  This past weekend we did indeed make the drive and I got to raid her gardens, which are still full of life and colour.  It was great to have a garden to wander through with flower cutters and snip away.  I so miss having matured, well planted gardens but I’m working hard on changing that.

This week’s flowers were created on Monday for our family’s Thanksgiving dinner table by my Mum’s request!

Here is what I selected from Mum’s fabulous garden.

  • Fall Mums
  • Yellowed Hosta leaves
  • Calla Lily foliage
  • Coleus – Solenostemon
  • Zebra Grass – Miscanthus sinensis ‘Strictus’
  • Silver Lace Fern – Pteris ensiformis cv. Evergemiensis

I made two arrangements, one large and one small, in milk glass vases with the above flowers and some floral foam.

Even though these arrangements were created for a seasonal holiday they are true to what is currently happening in today’s gardens and look great snipped and brought indoors.  So before your time is up, get out there and enjoy the gifts from your garden.  Not much longer before we will be covered in white snow up here!  Gah, good reminder for myself as I still have a lot of plants to get into the ground!

Sorry, no pictures of the flowers on the holiday table, I was to busy enjoying the amazing Thanksgiving dinner Mum cooked for us!