Wednesday’s Flowers – Mini Orchid

January 12, 2011

Orchids are one of my favourite flowers; I always enjoy the long stems of perfectly shaped flower and their exotic presence.  Despite the popular belief that they are finicky and hard to grow, they are actually the opposite.  Once you figure out the proper way to water an orchid they are quite easy to grow and the exquisite blooms last for months.

A few years ago I started to collect orchids and even attended orchid shows.  Today, I have two phalaenopsis orchids in my collection that bloom several times a year, the rest of my collection has passed on.  But this week I added a new orchid to the pack.  A mini phalaenopsis, with the tiniest white and pink blooms; the flowers are under 1″ in size.

I have to admit, I really was surprised to find mini orchids in the shop I was in, especially with a price tag of $9.99 per pot.  They normally sell for much high prices.  After seeing the price, there was no turning back I just had to buy one for this week’s flowers.

The original pot for this little flower was only 2.5″ in diameter and not very pretty so I had to work a little magic on the overall presentation of the orchid.  At first I grabbed for one of the mini terracotta pots I have, but I quickly changed my mind.  I wanted it to be pretty, so I searched through all the cupboards in our house and settled on a funky shaped, clear martini glass.

Orchids love to have their roots exposed to air; so they are usually potted in bark mulch or moss, which I did not have available.  So I gently wrapped the roots in natural wool rovings, which I have used in past posts.

I’m quiet please with this new little addition to my orchid collection, perhaps the addiction will resurface?  I look forward to enjoying the pretty white and pink blooms for the next few months.  Do you or have you ever grown orchids??  Do you have a favourite kind?