Wednesday’s Flowers – Little Ferns

November 2, 2011

So no pretty flowers today but cute little ferns instead.  I figured they would be a good choice since the flower pickings were very slim at the local grocery store today but these little guys were screaming to come home with me.

The little ferns were in 4″ growers pots and cost a whopping $2.99 each.  i would have purchased more but they did not have more to purchase.

Once I got home I started searching for new containers for the little guys cause growers pots is not going to cut it, which you should Alfred know if you have been reading this blog for a while.  I took a few minutes and dug through the last box of vases I still have packed and pulled out my Glass Trio Vases.  I quickly decided they needed to be re-purposed for this project.

This was a very fast and easy project; I popped the little ferns out of their pots and slid them into the glass vase.  Gave them some water and I was done!  See very easy and inexpensive.

Here are the names of little ferns I purchased:

  • Green Fantasy Fern – Nephrolepsis Exaltata
  • Lemon Button Fern –Nephrolepis cordifolia ‘duffii’

Here are the little ferns in glass in their new home on our fireplace.  I like the terrarium look and feel the glass vases give them, plus they are really easy to water.  I will keep my eyes open for one fern to put into the third vase.

Do you decorate your home with plants?  I sure do.  I know lots of decorator and designers who avoid them at all cost but I feel plants bring freshness to an interior that you just cannot get from other accessories.  With that being said, you do need to be very conscious of how you use them and really think about the containers you use to display them.  You need to make them pretty and they should feel like they belong in your home.

Later this week I will be sharing another project I did with all my house plants.  They were in desperate need of belonging to our new interior so I can up with a fun do-it-yourself project to share with you, hopefully to inspire you to do something similar with your houseplants.  Stay tuned!