Wednesday’s Flowers – Kalanchoe

April 7, 2010

I never seem to have enough potted plants in the house but with this weekly project I believe I will have a nice collection of them after a few more months.  This week I added a new plant to the collection – Kalanchoe.  A lovely 6″ pot of tri-coloured flowery goodness, two shades of pink with a bright cheery yellow.

When it comes to vases I have a wonderful collection that I love to add to, but when it comes to larger vessels for potted plants I am lacking.  I must work on that.

To pretty up the boring green growers pot I found a simple pink fabric in my stash and covered the pot in it.  Then I simply inserted the covered pot into a black, glazed planter and adjusted the fabric so it hangs nicely.  A quick and easy way to dress up a potted plant and hide the not so pretty green pot.

Kalanchoe is a flowering succulent and a very easy plant to grow.  Keep it in a bright exposure, partial light will do but re-flowering may not occur.  These plants do not require a lot of water; allow the soil to dry out in between waterings.