Wednesday’s Flowers is Back with Pretty Queen Anne’s Lace

July 27, 2011

So sorry for disappearing for 2 weeks, I cannot believe I missed two Wednesday’s Flowers post but we moved houses and I have been so busy painting, packing boxes, moving boxes and furniture and then setting it all up again to do anything but house stuff.  We are still in a bit of disarray but it is starting to feel like home.

Seeing that we are now in a new place and I had to leave my dear, old garden behind, there are some pretty slim picking in the garden at the new place.  Actually the backyard is gardenless and the front yard had a small but sad garden.  One thing I do have lots of is weeds; I think the lawn has more weeds than grass and patio is littered with weeds.  WEEDS!

And one of my favourite weeds is Queen Anne’s Lace.  So I used that from the garden for this week’s flowers!  Seeing that most of my vases are still in boxes I used a Mason jar to display the pretty white lacy flowers in.

Personally, I do not think Queen Anne’s Lace should be classified as a weed, it is too pretty. I adore seeing fields of this flower, the light airiness of the foliage and flowers is so simple yet stunning.