Wednesday’s Flowers – Helleborus

December 15, 2010

For today I found a very surprising flower at the local grocery store, Helleborus niger. Helleborus is an outdoor perennial with creamy white flowers, which blooms usually under snow cover depending on the region you live in.  So to find it potted in the holiday section was a delightful surprise!

The moment I saw it I knew one would be coming home with me to get all decked out in white.  I picked up a 6`pot for $9.99.

In keeping with my holiday decorating theme, white with natural elements and a bit of cobalt blue, I transplanted the Helleborus into a square, white glass vase.  I used wool roovings was to hide the soil and dress up the top of the pot.  Then, simple bamboo sticks were added for interest and to give height to the arrangement.

I’m really enjoying the pretty flowers of the Helleborus and excited that I will get to put it in my garden come spring and enjoy it for years to come!

Another quick and easy way to bring fresh plants into your home for the holidays!



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