Wednesday’s Flowers – Hand Picked From the Garden

May 18, 2011

I’m a happy girl right now, my garden is alive!  I love that it is finally the time of the year that I can walk out my door and pick all the blooms my heart desires from the garden. Right now it is full of blooming spring bulbs and lush green foliage now that the trees and shrubs have broken bud.  I love designing with flowers grown in my own garden, it is very rewarding and so accessible.

It was such a pleasure to walk though all the greenery hand picking blooms to arrange with, I dearly missed spring.

I happened to have a bunch of sofa pink Tulips on hand so I hand picked the following from the garden:

  • Pink Hyacinths
  • Grape Hyacinths
  • White Pulmonaria
  • Blue Pulmonaria
  • Blue Anemone
  • Hops Vine
  • Step One:

    Place a think layer of rock in the bottom of the container.  Create a grid across the opening of the container with clear floral tape, keep the grid spaces 1/2? in size.  Once the grid is completed fill the container with fresh water.  Then you can start inserting the flowers.   It is best to start with the biggest focal flower, I started with the pink Hyacinths.

    Step Two:
    Fill in the spaces around the hyacinths with a different type of  focal flower, I used the soft pink tulips.  Cut the stems different lengths to create a layered affect, some blooms will be deep into the arrangement, while others will float above the rest.

    Step Three:
    Start to add the filler flowers, such as the Pulmonaria and Anemones, into the opens between the tulips and hyacinths.  Keep applying the layering affect from step two.

    Step Four:
    Finish off the arrangement by adding accents and interest.  I used the Grape Hyacinths to draw the eye into the design and the Hops Vine to bring the arrangement alive with interesting dynamic lines.

    Step Five:
    Place the arrangement in a place in your home where you see it regularly and enjoy!