Wednesday’s Flowers – Gran’s Garden

October 13, 2010

Happy Wednesday!!  Believe it or not, I have managed to squeeze one more bouquet from my garden.  A cute Fall Aster is currently in bloom and I found an ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum still hanging around and knew they would look great together.  I paired them up with a few Fall Mums off the plants in my decorative urns and added some different foliage for fullness, interest and colour.

Once I had put the bouquet together, the combination of the rusty foliage and the flowers immediately made me think of something that would come from a Gran’s garden, total Granny Chic.  So, to finish off the look I put the little bouquet in a ruffled, cream glass vase and photographed it with different fabrics, my book and my reading glasses.

Gran's Garden Bouquet

Gran's Garden Bouquet Gran's Garden Bouquet Gran's Garden Bouquet

Not sure if I will have any luck next week in the garden, temperatures here are slowing getting to zero over night and fall is starting to look and feel like winter.  I truly thought I was finished with garden flowers for this year a few weeks ago; I’m glad I was able to squeeze one more out cause you just never know what Mother Nature will have in store.


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