Wednesday’s Flowers – Garden Mix Up

June 9, 2010

I cannot seem to keep out of the garden for Wednesday’s Flowers.  I get such a thrill picking flowers from my own garden.  So I had to do it again this week.

I headed outdoors, early this morning, in the rain, to see what I could find to bring indoors with me. I had nothing planned, I was just going to snip away and work from that.  Good thing I had no plan as my garden is not as colourful as it was a few weeks ago.  The spring flowers, such as the Peonies, are just finishing up their flowering and the early summer flowers are still in bud or just partially open.

I did a quick walk through, quick due to the rain and cold, and snipped what blooms I could find.

Here is the gathering laid out on my kitchen counter.  I used white and fuchsia Peonies, Blue False Indigo flowers and foliage, Lady’s Mantle, Japanese Maple leaves and three yellow Coreopsis flowers.

I arranged them in a hand-tied bouquet and placed the arrangement in a short, clear glass vase.

I think it created a pretty little garden party, perfect for tea time!

What’s going on in your garden right now??  Is your favourite flower blooming?



Lori Andrews

Looks beautiful Tina! a little english breakfast tea party. 🙂

Deb Jasinski

i love the shot of the product all laid out on the table! Very textbook! Cool!


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