Wednesday’s Flowers – From the Garden

May 12, 2010

Well, my house smells amazing!!!  Oh, lilacs you make my heart sing and my house so joyful.  This week I could not resist the urge, which I have had for weeks now, to cut some fresh blooms from my garden and share them with you.  This morning was cloudy and cold but it did not stop me from walking around my garden in my flip-flops cutting flowers from here and there.

My little lilac tree at the front of the house is covered in blooms so I had to take a bit from it.  Most of my tulips are spent but I found 5 creamy yellow ones that are not getting seen in the back yard, they just asked to be brought indoors.  And my favourite, Solomon’s seal, is finally in full bloom so I gathered 3 stems of it as well.

I really do think spring garden flowers look exceptionally stunning in vintage glassware and now that I have pulled all my vintage pieces out of the cupboard, I decided to make use of three of the vases.  My favourite is the vintage mason jar that the lilacs are in.  It has a beaver on it with ‘beaver’ printed below.  So very Canadian!

A true breath of fresh spring air in my house this week.  What is blooming in your garden?  I encourage you to pick a few of those blooms and enjoy them inside!!




On Monday I also cut some blooms from our lilac trees. I am fortunate to have 3, so I have purple and white blooms on my table.

I really like the Solomon’s seal.


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