Wednesday’s Flowers – From the Desert

May 19, 2010

It finally feels like summer here; I’m loving the warm temperatures and all the sunshine!  Sunshine for me always brings inspiration and this week’s flowers were the result of the great weather we are having and a chance encounter.  Originally I had been thinking of stealing a few more blooms from my garden for this week’s post but my trip to the grocery store changed that idea.

I always check out the flower shops in all the stores I go to, you never know what you will find.  So this week, while I was doing a quick check at the local grocery store,  a display of exotic mixed bunches stopped me in my tracks.  I was instantly drawn to the mixture of pinks, corals, yellows and whites.  Plus Pincushion Protea and Wax Flower together in a bouquet is right up my alley!

As I reached for a bunch the price stopped me; $14.99.  Oh no, they were more than I was allowed to spend.  I have been very serious about sticking to flowers that are under $10.  What to do???

I walked away from the amazing flowers to look at some of the other offerings and I came up with nothing.  I did seriously try too; I pulled every Agapanthus out of the pail hoping to find a healthy, undamaged bunch, but no luck.

So I did it, I bought a bunch of flowers that cost more than $10.  I’m considering this a splurge since I did not buy flowers last week and some weeks I kept the total well below $10.  So I think it is ok, I hope you will agree?  But I will try to not do this often.  I promise!

To create the look I wanted, I used a clear ribbed, glass vase with a metal grid built into the top.  This allowed me to just insert the stems right into the vase.  I like using this method; it is especially good if you have issues with hand tied bouquets, as it allows you to control exactly where the flowers are positioned.  It also allows for easy adjustments.  I always cut down the stems to the right length and remove all the foliage that will be under the water line.

I’m expecting these flowers to last for at least two weeks, so they were well worth going over my budget for!


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