Wednesday’s Flowers from Aachen Germany

August 17, 2011

Hello again from Germany, today we arrived in Aachen Germany, a city I have been waiting to explore for years so it is it nice to have finally arrived.  The first thing we did after greetings with friends was stop at the first flower shop and buy flowers.  The flowers are a gift for our kind friends who are hosting us while here but will also serve as today’s flower post.

Since I do not speak much German I had to bring help along to buy the flowers, the pickings were slim as it was closing time but I managed to walk away with some decent blooms but spent a tad more than I allow myself to Wednesday’s Flowers.  The total amount spent for the arrangement was 10.50 €, not bad considering I had to have all the prices translated to me.

The following flowers were used in the arrangement:

  • Red Anthurium
  • Coral Mini Carnations
  • Orange Mini Carnations
  • Orange Alstroemeria
  • Chrysanthemums Dyed Blue
  • Ixora Leaves
  • Phoenix Palm Leaves
  • Yellow Variegated Phormium

Our friend and host offered up a gorgeous handmade blue vase for the flowers to be arranged in, a perfect choice to compliment the red and orange flowers.

I am off to enjoy the city and the last week of our vacation.  See you back here next week from Canada!