Wednesday’s Flowers – Fresh Summer Green

February 23, 2011

Oh winter, please stop with all this teasing.  You gave us a beautiful taste of spring last week and then ripped it right out from under us while covering us in more white SNOW.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love white but I have seen too much of it this winter and I need green; bright and fresh summer green.

So, instead of waiting for Mother Nature to hurry up, I took matters into my own hands and added that much needed green into my life.

All it took was a quick trip to the local grocery store and I had all the green I need to get started.  At the grocery store, I started off in the floral department picking up a bunch of green Carnations for $7.99.  Then I headed to the produce section, yup I said produce!  Why produce you might be asking??  Well, I have been very inspired by veggies lately and I wanted to add some to this week’s flowers.  Veggies and flowers are a really great combo, trust me on this!  While in the Produce section I grabbed some broccoli, brussel sprouts and a green apple, all for under $2.00.

Here is look at how it all started; followed by the steps it took to make the arrangement:

  • Soak Oasis foam in water until fully saturated.
  • Cut foam to fit into water tight container, keep the foam ¾” to 1” higher than the top of the container.
  • Tape the foam to container with floral tape, this keeps the arrangement stable.
  • Clean fruit and veggies, remove all undesirable leaves.
  • Insert floral picks into the bottom of the fruit and veggies.  You may need to use a knife to start a hole for the pick to go into.

  • Once the veggie/fruit is tightly secured to the pick insert it into the foam.
  • Cut stems of Carnations to a desirable length and insert into the foam.
  • Arranging hint:  keep the different elements of the design grouped together in uneven clusters.

  • Try and use as much of the fresh material as you can, I like to cut up the leftover Carnation stems and use them in the arrangement for interest.
  • The last and most important step is to enjoy all your hard work!

Don’t veggies make the perfect companion to flowers??  I think so, you?

If you are ever in a pinch and need a quick and inexpensive arrangement just reach into the fridge and raid your vegetable drawer, the possibilities are endless!