Wednesday’s Flowers – Floral Designers Love to Get Flowers

February 2, 2011

Even though floral designers arrange flowers for others and for a living, we sure do appreciate receiving flowers as a gift or thank you!

Almost two weeks ago a dear friend of mine had a baby girl and she kindly sent me flowers for helping her out with a small matter while she was in labour! Thank you B, it was a very pleasant surprise and you shouldn’t have but I love that you did!

Seeing that I had a lovely bouquet of flowers in the house this week, it did not make sense to buy more for this week’s flower post.  Instead I decided to create an arrangement with the flowers I had just received by adding a bit of wire to the mix.

There are many types of floral wire available nowadays and it comes in just about any colour you need.  If you are interested in purchasing some floral wire it can be found in most craft stores that sell floral supplies.

I dug into my collection to see what I had to play with:

After having a good look I decided to create an abstract collar with copper wire and added a little bit of chartreuse wire for interest.  When the wire collar was completed I secured it to the opening of a black glass vase with clear floral tape.

The image below depicts the flowers before they were arranged:

Wire collars act like support grids, they hold the stems in the perfect position while adding some whimsical fun to an arrangement.

The arrangement helped to create a prefect place for afternoon tea and a bit of light reading.