Wednesday’s Flowers – Fall’s End

October 27, 2010

Mother Nature really does keep giving and giving.  Have you taken the time to have a good look around your outdoors?  This time of year is full of beauty and small gifts.  If you look hard enough and add a bit of creativity, you can still create beautiful floral arrangements from the great outdoors.

After a 5 minute walk through my garden this morning, I entered the house with an arm full of goodies: white Mums, dried leaves, dried seed pods, broken branches and pieces of bark that had fallen from the trees in our yard.  I was delighted to discover these little wonders as I really did not want to go to the grocery store to buy flowers; I prefer to create with things from nature.  Plus, I knew I would not get the flowers I needed for the design I had in mind at the store:  I wanted high contrast in today’s design, along with the reminder that fall is almost over and winter is creeping in.  A walk outside offered me just what I was after!

See, I told you there are lots of goodies Mother Nature is still sharing with us!  So as fall’s end is drawing near, I strongly urge you to get outside and see what you can find before the snow flies, unless you live in Australia or somewhere else warm!


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