Wednesday’s Flowers – Fall is Here

September 29, 2010

Fall is here in a big way, and with Thanksgiving being just around the corner, I thought I would share I quick way to create a simple fall Chrysanthemum arrangement.  Fall Mums, as they are commonly called, are every where right now and there are two kinds you can choose from, outdoor Mums and indoor potted Mums.  For the arrangement I used a two toned, indoor Pelee Chrysanthemum; which I purchased from a local grocery store for $7.99 and then I dressed it up!

I always find potted flowers a little plain, so I like to make them more interesting by adding some other elements, such as, branches, berries, ribbon, dried pods, beads or any other object that is suitable.  I had a bunch of dried cattails in my collection, along with some branches with faux white berries, so I inserted them into the soil to give the flowers more interest and to add height to the arrangement. The Mum came with a decorative cover over the green grower’s pot, which I adorned with orange ribbon.

This arrangement is just calling for some mini pumpkins and gourds to hang out with it.  I did not pick up any today but I’m going to add them to my shopping list, as they will be the perfect touch to finish this look.

Arrangements like this make great hostess gifts and are perfect for adding some fall colour to you home.  Potted Mums also last longer then cut flowers so this little charming will look great for the upcoming holiday.

Have you started decorating for fall and Thanksgiving??  I hope this will help inspire your holiday decorating.  Next week I will be sharing a fun way to dress your thanksgiving table!



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