Wednesday’s Flowers – Fair Trade Sweetheart Roses

October 26, 2011

Shopping for flowers for today’s post left me pleasantly surprised after finding African fair trade sweetheart roses at one of the local grocery stores!  This is the first time I have coming across fair trade in a major grocery store.

This is exciting and promising news, with the vastness of the floral industry so many flowers that are purchased in Canada are imported from warmer climates and many of the workers are not always treated fairly.  It is nice to that the option to buy fair trade is becoming available in some grocery store now!  I sure hope they will keep it up.  If we as Canadians are going to buy imported flowers we might as well buy the ones that treat the workers and environment with respect.  The only other option for fair flowers is to buy Canadian grown but at time the varieties are limited!

For more information on fair trade flowers check out the website.

So the bunch of fair trade sweetheart roses I picked up was comprised of 12 stems, 4 yellow, 4 orange and 4 red, and it cost $9.99.  Bright combination of warm colours was perfect for a cold, rainy fall day.

I had to keep this arrangement simple since I had cut my left thumb with a knife cooking earlier this week.  The task of arranging flower with a bandaged thumb is almost impossible so, I pulled a teal glass vase from the vase cupboard and loosely arranged the sweethearts in it.  All I had to do was cut the stems to the correct height and place them into the vase.

I displayed the vase arrangement on my dining room table with a wooden bowl of fresh peppers and chillies.  A perfect pop of colour to cheer up a sun starved room.

Well I shall continue to tend to my poor thumb, so hopefully I can get back to some proper floral designing next week.  If you are out and about looking for flowers keep your eyes open for fair trade labels, and let me know what you find and where you found them.