Wednesday’s Flowers – Cheerful Yellow Ranunculus

March 30, 2011

Really, is there anything better than a vase full of beautiful Ranunculus?  Well, if the Ranunculus is yellow and in your favourite vase then all is perfect in my world.

My very talented friend, Deb (who needs a blog to share her talents with the world), kindly gave me a beautiful bunch of yellow Ranunculus and I cannot thank her enough.  I really love this flower, it is one of my favourites and this is the first time I have used it for this column.  Weird??  But, there is a good reason why…

Ranunculus are not a commonly found flowers in grocery stores, they are too expensive for them to sell as they do not fit into that $7.99 price for a bunch of flowers.  Also, they are too pricey to add to the mixed bunches they sell for $9.99 to $24.99.  Therefore, they do not fit into the flowers under $10 budget for this column.  Grocery stores are where I buy most of the flowers for Wednesday’s Flowers, it is all about price and then making it pretty at home.

But, sometimes you have to splurge or just have really awesome friends, if you want your favourite flowers around.  Personally I do think this one is best left for the flower shops to sell, it is too special to be grocery store product.  What do you think?

Yellow Ranunculus, milk glass, babushka dolls and the first piece of art L and I purchased together, just a few of my favourite things.

Wishing you a cheerful Wednesday!