Wednesday’s Flowers – Cheerful Daffodils

April 14, 2010

We have been so fortunate with the weather, we are in full blown spring here in Ontario and I’m loving it.  Since the spring bulbs are flowering outside I thought it would be nice bring them inside this week as well.  Plus the local grocery store had a special on daffodils, 3 five stemmed bunches for $10.  I could not resist their yellow beauty.

While I was going through my vase cupboard looking for the best one to show off these lovelies, I came across all my vintage glass vases.  I a lot of these pieces I had found while scuba diving in the St. Lawrence River years ago and when we moved they were put in the cupboard and forgotten.  I’m so glad to have re-discovered them that I have decided to start using them and they will not be going back into the cupboard.  Two were used for the daffodils.

Yellow really does brighten up a space and helps to create a cheerful atmosphere.  I’m going to enjoy these while they last!



Kristi ~ ArtSea

A Woman after my own heart! I Loooove “Daffys”.. and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that pairs up vintage vases, with twigs ~ I love mixed textures and elements. Nicely done. Simple and Lovely.


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