Wednesday’s Flowers – Borrowed Lilacs

May 25, 2011

Ok, they are actually not borrowed they are stolen.  Stolen from the huge, and I mean huge pink lilac at the end of our street, it must be 20′ tall.  We live on a cul-de-sac and this massive shrub lives in the middle of the round-about at the end.  It is really everyone’s lilac; the city owns the land it grows on, so it not really stealing but I like to call it that.  Once a year I walk down and take a few snips off it to bring indoors.

I like to cut lilacs in the early morning or evenings, as they do not like to be without water for long and can wilt quickly if cut during high sun on dry days.  I did my thieving in the evening minutes before a wicked rain storm.

The blooms from this lilac are also huge and some of the stems I cut were very long so I selected a tall, square white vase for the arrangement.  I cut the stems are various lengths, short ones to fill in around the base of the vase, longer ones for height to properly proportion the design.

The most important thing with cuts lilacs is do not let them dry out, they are not forgiving.  Once wilt starts it usually means game over, so keep the vase topped up with water and give the stems a fresh cut daily.

I wish I could spend today sitting in my living room where the lilac arrangement is enjoying its fragrance.  It truly is a dreamy smell that my nose adores for a short time every spring. If you have lilacs blooming in your yard I strongly urge you to bring some indoors!

Enjoy them before they are gone.