Wednesday’s Flowers and Teacups

February 24, 2010

I really do love to challenge myself and I tend to do it more than I should, sometimes the results are wonderful and other times my procrastination kicks in and I fail completely.  Why am I telling you this, you ask?  Well, it does have to do with this week’s flowers.  See, I’m not a fan of the super inexpensive mixed bunches of flowers from the grocery store.  You know the ones with carnations and mums?  And a crazy mix of colours?  Oh and don’t forget the leather fern.  I do not find them attractive, even at the budget price.

So here is where the challenge comes in.  When I was shopping for groceries I remembered that I still had not bought flowers for the week.  Of course I was in a rush, so I grabbed a $5 bunch of mixed flowers and cringed all the way to the cash registers.  On my way home I wondered how I would turn something I did not care for into something pretty and inspiring.

It turned out to be quite the challenge; I thought about it, and thought about it some more.  I looked at all my vases and then looked at them all again and I was getting nowhere.  I nearly gave up to worked on other things.  But before I got to the giving up part I happened to open my china cabinet and the bottom shelf caught my eye.  What was sitting on the bottom shelf ?  Teacups!!  Right then and there my creativity was transformed.  I grabbed 3 coordinating teacups off the shelf and got right to work!!

Here is the mixed bunch I started with…

Purple and Red Teacup…

White Teacup…

Yellow Teacup…

Teacup Trio…

It turned out to be so simple but I had to get past my creative block to make it happen.  I will not cringe when I pick up a mixed $5 bunch of flowers again!!  Tea anyone?

  • That’s perfect! I love all of the arrangements you made, especially the one with the lemon, it’s full of sunshine! I think I’ll add this to my grocery list 🙂

  • Lori Andrews

    you are very VERY talented. come do my flowers for my photo shoots!

    • That would be fun, do you think your clients would fly me to Calgary??? hehe.

  • Tina,

    You go girl!! These are so lovely…drool. Plus, it always feels so good to push creatively in a different way and when it works, oh, what a nice feeling.

    Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

    I must add that the photos themselves are simply divine!

  • That is seriously impressive! I had little expectation as I read your post, and then was amazed at what you did with that little $5 bunch! So inspiring!

  • What lovely arrangements! I love the one with Domino… but then again I may be a bit partial! You just cannot go wrong with Domino, right?

  • Ah, I LOVE flowers! The white teacup pair is just too beautiful;)

  • so inventive and liked the story and the results of your creative challenge, ….. yes please, milk, no sugar 🙂

  • This post is really inspiring and shows how creative and talented you are!

  • flowers always look cute in a teacup..nice arrangments, i really like it.