Wednesday’s Flowers and Some News

June 8, 2011

Well I have some very exciting news to share with you, no it is not the BIG announcement I have been talking about, it is some exciting news about my career and employment status.

Before we get to the news I should share a little history with you, since some of you may not be aware of my career detail.  For the past 4 years I have been working at Schreiter’s Furniture in Downtown Kitchener as an Interior Decorator.  I starting working there while going to decorating school and it turned out to be the perfect place to learn more about the industry while enforcing all the skills I was learning at school.  A few things happened during my employment at Schreiter’s, I fell in love with furniture, I made some life long friends and clients and my passion for interiors and design grew.

With that being said it is time for the news, last week I resigned from my great job at Schreiter’s to be my own boss and run Living Fresh full time.  That’s right, self employed!

Leaving Schreiter’s was not any easy decision and I’m very sad to be leaving as I will miss everyone there tremendously, but it is time to go forth with my dreams and turn myself and Living Fresh into all that I know it can be!  I’m very excited as I have always wanted to be my own boss, I’m also a little nervous, but that is to be expected.

For this week’s flowers I’m dedicating them to Schreiter’s, their love for modern and contemporary furniture inspired this design and I feel it is perfectly suited to their aesthetics.

The flowers in this arrangement are all from my garden, here is what I used:

  • Hosta foliage – 2 different varieties
  • Hops Vine
  • Fritillaria
  • Chive flowers
  • Copper wire

As for the BIG announce, well you are just going to have to wait a little longer, we are still working out some details and making some changes to the website.

If you are looking for me for the next couple weeks I will be at Schreiter’s until June 24th and then it will be just me and my little lovely business.  Someone pinch me!!