Wednesday’s Flowers – Aloe Vera

April 21, 2010

I know it is not a flower per say, but this little guy just had to come home with us.  Since I have not had an aloe plant in ages and I was not finding any of the fresh cut flowers at the grocery store very inspiring, I knew it was time to be the owner of this plant again.

There are so many good reasons to have an Aloe plant:  they are very easy to grow and maintain, they live forever and you just never know when a bit of their healing power may be required.  This little pot was only 4.99!

Seeing that I plan on having this little one around for a while I decided it was best to keep it in the grower’s pot but make it look like it was properly planted in it’s decorative pot.  I like to do this with certain plants because when the time comes to re-pot it into a larger container it will be much easier to deal with and cause less stress to the plant.  I like to use rocks or pebbles to help create a natural look and to hide the growers pot.


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