Wednesday`s Flowers – Add a Little Yellow

August 25, 2010

Yellow really is a great colour to add to your day when you need a little cheer!  Life is busy around here and a little pick me up was needed, so I grabbed for the yellow flowers for today’s post.

I was on the search for sunflowers, but I had no luck locating any nice ones.  All I could find was mouldy, yucky looking ones that would have just made a big mess.  So, I went for the next best thing, yellow Chrysanthemum daisies, which I found at the local grocery store for $9.99.  A good buy for the number of stems in the bunch and they are guaranteed to last 7 days.

I made a hand-tied bouquet with the daisies and placed it in a short white ceramic vase.  The white vase was a perfect choice, great contrast against the yellow which allows the colour to standout.

Yellow!!  Just a little bit is all you need, the perfect happy colour!!!


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