Wednesday’s Flowers – Mini Daffodils

March 3, 2010

Well, this weeks flowers did not go as planned, but I think they turned out pretty good considering what I left myself to work with.  On Sunday I bought 3 pots of mini daffodils, they were only $1.99 per pot so I figured I could not go wrong.  I knew I did not have time on Sunday to arrange them, with the Olympic Men’s Gold Hockey game on I was preoccupied.  I figured I would wait until Wednesday and do something pretty then, I should have known better. See potted bulbs grow really fast, too fast sometimes and that is what these ones did.  So this morning when I finally got around to arranging them they were not looking very pretty; they had several spent flowers and they were tall, leggy and falling over.  See for your self, I added a photo at the bottom of the post; please note I tied them up with some twine for the photograph.

Even though they were not pretty I still had to use them.  So I cut all the pretty flowers off the plants and made little mini bouquets of daffodils, wrapped with white ribbon and put them in mini vases.  I used a cute, blue creamer for one of the photo shoots and clear shot glasses for the other.

Mini Daffodils in Blue

Here is what they looked liked before I cut the flowers off.  See not very pretty.

I learned a good lesson this week and I hope you all enjoyed the mini daffodils!!