Wednesday’s Flowers – Tropical Blooms

March 24, 2010

I was very surprised when I found the most inexpensive bouquet of tropical flowers at the grocery store; I just had to pick one up.  The bouquet was a mix of ginger flower and bird of paradise with a large green leaf for only $5.00.

Seriously, it was only $5.00!

Usually I’m drawn to the girly flowers but these were coming home with me, no, ifs or buts.  The great thing about many tropical or exotic flowers is that they last for a few weeks compared to the few days common to flowers found at the florist.  So, if you see a well priced bouquet of tropical blooms I do recommend grabbing it.

Since these flowers are all very unique on their own, I wanted to really show them off.  I chose to create an open and simple arrangement.  To accomplish that I used a spiked flower frog for holding up the stems in a low dish, then I hid the frog with stones of various shapes and sizes.

A quick and easy arrangement that will look great for weeks; just remember to keep adding water to the dish!  Enjoy!