Wednesday’s Flower – Lily of the Valley

May 26, 2010

After spending an entire day out in the garden; weeding, cultivating, transplanting, getting some sun and some exercise, I came inside and looked around and missed all the flowers.  So after looking around the house, I decided the spot where I display my milk glass vases  and some artwork needed some life.   So I headed back out to the garden to gather some flowers.

Once in the garden, I headed right to the Lily of the Valley and started snipping away.  I wanted to enjoy their pretty little flowers inside before they were completely finished blooming.  And from the look of them if I did not pick them right away then I would have to wait until next year.

I added them to the three milk glass vases and the area was transformed.

I love how fresh flowers can complete an interior!



Emma Angel

Hi, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment. You have a beautiful blog, I love Lily of the Valley it’s such a sweet and pretty flower.
Take care x


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