the tiny house that designer jessica helgerson lives in

April 13, 2012

I love small homes and interior spaces. Perhaps it is the hate I have for cleaning or maybe my appreciation of living simply but small, tiny spaces make me happy.

So when I discovered the tiny home of Portland, Oregon based interior designer Jessica Helgerson I did a little happy dance!

This tiny house located on SauvieIsland is only 540 square feet and was remodelled by Jessica and her husband using only reclaimed materials. No changes were made to the existing footprint of the house; only the interior was altered to allow for a functioning family home.

Have a look and/or drool for yourself!

The worn out roof was replaced the with a green roof of moss and ferns!

(images: Lincoln Barbour)

Jessica’s tiny family home was recently featured in Martha Stewart Living and it proves the point that good things come in small packages; cosy and inviting and gentle on the Earth.

This sweet tiny house was photographed by Lincoln Barbour.

Happy weekend! Stay tuned next week for images from our flower class this Sunday!

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