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pretty petals – paphiopedilum orchids

October 23, 2014

We are pretty smitten in the studio this week.  We are featuring a type of orchid that we have never had the pleasure of having – paphiopedilum, or more commonly known as the lady slipper orchid.  This particular kind of paphiopedilum is an exotic…

pretty petals – dendrobium orchids

April 10, 2014

Since ancient times, orchids have been celebrated in China for their beauty. These unique flowers are appreciated for their symbolism of nobility, friendship, and refinement.  Even today, the orchid still remains one of the most sought after flowers to mark a special occasion.  So…

pretty petals – cymbidium orchids

November 14, 2013

10 Reasons why we love the cymbidium orchid: 1. Cymbidiums are timeless. They are your grandmother’s flower, your mother’s flower, and your flower. The cymbidium has been used in wedding flowers and corsages for many years. No matter the decade, you will never regret…