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pretty petals – hellebores

March 27, 2014

If you are unfamiliar with a hellebore, then you are in for a real treat.  This is one of the earliest blooming perennials in our gardens here in southern Ontario – and they are fabulous!  In the studio, we often purchase potted hellebores as…

on our table – spring helleborus flowers

April 6, 2012

Our Easter table this year is very simple compared to last year’s Easter tablescape. This year we have several birthdays adding to the festivities of the weekend so I want to keep it simple and let the flowers speak for themselves. Helleborus blooms are one of my…

Wednesday’s Flowers – Helleborus

December 15, 2010

For today I found a very surprising flower at the local grocery store, Helleborus niger. Helleborus is an outdoor perennial with creamy white flowers, which blooms usually under snow cover depending on the region you live in.  So to find it potted in the holiday section was a delightful…