Succulents for Wednesday

May 6, 2010

Well this is a little later than planned, life sometimes takes precedence.

Have you come across something in the grocery store that you would never have expected to find there?  I did this week; before I started my shopping for food I decided to check out the flower shop portion of the store with my empty basket.  That basket did not remain empty for long when I saw a sign that said “Hens and Chicks 5 for $10.00″.  My first thought was: “What are those doing in here?”  Upon a more careful glance at the table I discovered that amongst the hens and chicks were some very lovely succulents,  Jade Plant, Snake Plant and several varieties of Echeveria.   I really enjoy these types of succulents and the price just blew me away, Echeveria in the garden centre usually starts at $5.99 for a small pot here in Canada.  Needless to say 5 pots ended up filling my basket very quickly.

Before I started my career as an Interior Decorator I worked in the horticultural industry managing garden centres.  Years ago I purchased the oval clay pot that I transplanted the succulents into from one of the garden centres I worked at.  I used it for a short while, then it ended up in the garage in a pile of clay pots and was forgotten. I’m thrilled to finally have a use for it again.  These succulents will be hanging out in it for a while as they are very slow growing, especially in this climate.

The little owls in the photos are from WAWAYA.  I recommend you check out her Etsy shop, she makes the cutest softies!!


(Images By: Tina Riddell for Living Fresh)


Living Fresh

I would like to point out that Snake plant is not really a succulent, it is a herbaceous perennial in Southern climates.


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