Sas Bloemiste in Edam Netherlands

November 1, 2011

Like so many others, travelling is very inspiring to me.  I love to wander through cities and towns with several cameras in tow in search of everything and anything that catches my eye.  Cool shops, exciting colours, perfect doorways, unique patterns, flowers (of course), yummy food, architecture and anything design related all end up being captured by my cameras.

I easily take hundreds of photos each day of things that inspire me.  So, upon returning home I have a mind blowing amount of photographs to sort through and process. And this takes time.

Well, this past summer I had the pleasure of travelling to Europe with my spouse to visit his family and friends, and I have finally found the time to start sorting through all the photos!

Our trip started off in the stunning city of Amsterdam, where we walked for hours and hours taking in all the city had to offer us.

From Amsterdam we headed to Northern Germany, on our way we made a short but pleasant stop in Edam, Netherlands.  We spent some time wandering the town and came across a lovely little flower shop on a cobblestone street, Sas Bloemiste.

Shop Visit:
Sas Bloemiste
Kleine Kerkstraat 22
1135 AT EDAM

This florist shop had it all; fresh cut flowers, beautiful hand-tied bouquets, succulents in pots and arrangement, orchids, potted garden plants, ceramic pots and planters and so much more.  I could have spent hours in there breathing in all the inspiring displays and floral arrangements but I did not have much time.  After a few minutes of browsing around, I approached the owner of the shop and asked if I could take a few photos.  She was very pleasant, but wanted to know why I wanted to take photos.  I explained I was a florist from Canada and that her shop was very inspiring to me.  She gave me the ok and I started snapping away.

The gorgeous European hand-tied flower bouquets were by far my favourite, pretty colours and flower combinations that you do not see at home in Canada.

Succulents are very hot in Europe, they are everywhere.  This is a trend that is just starting to catch on here in Canada.

I was very happy to see they had a little Garden Centre out back with potted garden plants and outdoor planters.  And excellent addition to any flower shop!

If you are ever in the Netherlands I strongly suggest you make a trip to Edam, it is such a pretty little town to see.  Make sure you stop into Sas Bloemiste. And, yes this is where Edam cheese is from!  If you time your visit right you can catch the cheese market!

I will be sharing a few more highlights and shop visits from our summer European vacation in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!