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Living Fresh Flower School - Floristry 101

Floristry 101 – Six Weeks


Join us to learn the fundamentals of floral design and the intricacies of the floral industry. Perfect for individuals who want to kick start their career as a floral designer and for those who want to gain confidence and skills designing with fresh flowers. This six-week course will provide you with the skills to take on an entry-level position at a flower shop and give individuals the confidence to design with flowers.

All the supplies required for the course are included in the cost:

• Fresh flowers and greenery
• Containers and vases
• Floral foam, wire
• PLUS a floral design tool kit that is yours to keep

Course Breakdown by Week:

Week One: Processing, Handling, and Care of Flowers

Flowers usually arrive at a floral shop in the cardboard boxes the growers shipped them in and have been without a water source for several days. Learn how to process flowers when they are in this fragile state in order to prepare them for design and/or sale. Different types of flowers require different handling and care for various stages of their life. We will discuss this thoroughly and students will learn how to use the tools in their floral kits.

Week Two: Grid System Vase Arrangement

During this class you will acquire the skill of designing in a wide-mouthed vase. Using a grid system enables you to create an intricate design while fully supporting each stem.

Week Three: One-Sided Design Using Floral Foam (Oasis)

Designing with floral foam allows for the creation of an arrangement that defies the natural direction and shape of flowers and greenery. Allowing for greater manipulation of botanical materials, the use of floral foam can result in very unique and sculpted pieces. This class will focus on using floral foam to create floral arrangements that are one sided – perfect for mantles, sideboards or side tables.

Week Four: All-Sided Design Using Chicken Wire

In this class we will continue working with floral foam. Students will be challenged with a more advanced floral arrangement that is suitable for a table centrepiece, whereby making it aesthetically pleasing from all angles.

Week Five: Corsage and Boutonnière Basics

Wiring and taping are an essential skill to have in floristry – this class will show you how to put it to good use. You will be shown how to create basic corsages and boutonnières.

Week Six: European Hand Tied Bouquet

Hand tied bouquets are the most advanced design that we will be covering during this six week course. Instead of using a vase with a grid or floral foam, you will be creating a floral arrangement in your hand. This style of design takes planning, preparation and most importantly PATIENCE!

Wed, Feb 26, 2020
Wed, Mar 4, 2020
Wed, Mar 11, 2020
Wed, Mar 18, 2020
Wed, Mar 25, 2020
Wed, Apr 1, 2020

Time:  6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Price:  $1200.00 + HST
Limited to 8 students.

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Product Description

The Living Fresh Flower School is offering a basic floral design course for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the floral industry. This six week course will provide you with the skills to take on an entry level position at a retail flower shop.

Class size is limited to allow for a low student to teacher ratio. An intimate class setting such as this will encourage one-on-one instruction and faster results.

All the supplies required for the course are included in the cost.

Please see the full description for details.


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